Neuigkeiten von RMF Rauschenberger e.K.

Report in the BM (magazine of the construction & furniture industry)

We were mentioned in the BM. A trade journal for construction & furniture. The report is about the initial difficulties that Corona spread in our everyday work. In the current issue of BM, a number of other furniture makers and construction companies were also interviewed.

Thank you very much for the publication and we also wish all other companies that you will get through this time with health, success and strength.

Corona crisis: that’s what colleagues say “I questioned everything”

Jörg Rauschenberger found contact with the authorities to be particularly time-consuming
and arduous. On the advice of guilds, chambers and banks, he has none
Immediate action requested for his company.

“The coronavirus and the measures decided by politicians first had a very strong impact on my personal day-to-day business as owner and managing director.

As of March 16, we will have instructions regarding staggered work breaks
on washing hands, disinfection and distance rules. Additionally have
we to our employees who classify themselves or family members as risk patients,
made an exemption offer. All RMF exterior doors and gates remain from now on
closed. Forwarding agents and parcel services must announce themselves by ringing the doorbell and at the prescribed interval. Some employees were political
Quarantined at short notice or by instructions from doctors. However, the confirmed orders still had to be delivered on time. To re
We have registered short-time working to respond to declining incoming orders.
As usual with us, in mid-May our team was informed about issues such as short-time work,
Reduction of overtime and the flexibility we all now demand.
Our main management difficulties were primarily the accounting
the quarantine cases, the organization of short-term vacation and overtime reductions
and the resulting maintenance of production and customer care
postponed delivery dates. The phone calls with the relevant authorities were
arduous and time consuming. From taking advantage of the emergency aid measures
was advised against us by guilds, chambers, and also by banks on closer inquiries. These so-called emergency measures are namely on necessity
checked and if they were wrongly received, they must be repaid.
We have taken many measures to keep the RMF steamer safe from this storm
lead, and live in the hope that everything will be back to how it was in no time
it was before the law was changed. The companies can rely on these except –
Do not stop ordinary actions. Personally I questioned everything
business as well as private. “(cn)

We have protected our brand

In order to safeguard our brand, we have protected it across Europe and beyond with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

This provides us, our existing regular and loyal customers, as well as those customers seeking to join us, with the security of buying or owning a high quality “Made in Germany” brand.